ASC - A Place to be

this is the place to be, if you want to work, this is the place to be

To assist with their recruitment strategy, ASC approached us to help tell the story of why ASC is a great place to work. We thought the best way to to do this was to talk to 5 employees (with a view to using 3) and simply ask them why they liked working there. In the end we used all 5 people and what they said, completely unscripted was quite compelling. This was filmed over 2 1/2 very hot days in November, 2013.

Concept, direction, cameras and editing by Randy Larcombe

Produced by Suzi Ting

2nd camera, camera assistant, time lapse and audio, Mark Dohring

Audio mix by Best FX

Titles by Marco Cicchianni, Cul-de-Sac



Bolder TM Wines

if you aint got a good wife, it’s ratshit....

Tony Mangan of BolderTM Wines give his views on wine, wife and what constitutes a good life in a refreshing and very different film about making wine.

Concept, direction, cameras and editing by Randy Larcombe

2nd camera, camera assistant and audio, Mark Dohring

Titles by Suzi Ting




Burnside Village

Burnside Village, where fashion lives...

Burnside Village TVC shot for Cul-de-Sac


Creative Director – Marco Cicchianni
Executive Producer / Stylist – Deni Jones

DOP – Randy Larcombe
Composer – Justin Pounsett
Line Producer – Estelle Chapple
Hair & Make-up – Dale Dorning
Talent – Megan Irwin (Pride Models)
Talent – Remi Matters

Gaffer-Andy Robertson

Camera assistant/grip-Mark Dohring

Editing -Richard Coburn/Kojo

Colour grading-Mark McKenna/Kojo


Clarendon Hills

wine has a story to tell, it has a memory and it will tell you where it’s come from...

"In 1990, Roman Bratasiuk embarked on a truly remarkable wine making journey. His vision: to create single vineyard wines equal to anything in the world.  Working with old, dry-grown vines and performing every step of the process by hand, Roman sought to redefine the Australian fine wine landscape by solely conveying the imprint a vineyard forges on the varietal expression."

This is the Clarendon Hills story told through Roman's son, Alex.

Directed, filmed and edited by Randy Larcombe, with Louise Radman.



Yalumba Viognier - The Cook, the Winemaker and the perfect match


"I do struggle to find a wine that goes with Asian food because I find the flavours tend to clash.."

Cook, Poh Ling Yeow and head winemaker at Yalumba, Louisa Rose talk about what wine is the best match for Asian food.

Conceived, filmed, directed and edited by Randy Larcombe and Suzi Ting, with Fullers.

Production, styling and food preparation by Suzi Ting



Spectra Training is a training provider with it's head office in Melbourne. Managing Director, Gary Cobbledick explains how they differ from other training providers and what motivates him personally.

Directed, filmed and edited by Randy Larcombe with BMD Brands


Beneath the Square Mile

Beneath the Square Mile is an exhibition of photographs of some of the electricity substations around the city square mile of Adelaide.

AP Bond Gallery, 139 Magill Road, Stepney 
6th October-27th October, 2011


GEAR: Canon 5Dm2, Wally Dolly, FCPX, all shot with available light

MUSIC: Brendan J Boyd, Album - Montage (music for a quiet place) Track -Sunrise,

Jeff Crockford and Kym Newbold

Atkins Technicolour